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The following links in the red box are provided for free for use by Christian church web sites. Only these web pages and associated images can be copied to your Christian church web site. The only requirements are that you leave/provide the link to our web site (http://www.teachgodskids.com) in/on the web page and that they not be sold or used for commercial purposes. We would like to hear how you are using the web pages. Our email address is kidcontent@teachgodskids.com. Because of spam please use "Kid Content" in the subject. Instruction for coping the pages and images are provided at the bottom. The target audience of the page is young children. Most church web sites do not provide activities for young children, so please do not forget about God's kids. Churches can now easily provide fun activities to teach God's kids. All of the activities are Bible related. These printable activities include coloring book pages, mazes and puzzles. One of the favorite past times for kids is surfing the web. So, duplicating the web pages increases the volume and chance that kids will find Christian related activites and not one of those "other" sites. Our focus is to provide ministry content to teach God's kids in an enjoyable manner. These web pages are perfect for including in your Youth Group section of your web site. They can also be printed out for use in Sunday school or Vaction Bible School (VBS).

Instructions to copy the Free Christian Content for Kids web pages:
(These instructions are for Internet Explorer)
  1. Click on a link from the red box below
  2. From the menu bar click "View" then click "Source".
  3. Notepad should be displaying the html code of the web page, now Save the html source.
  4. Right mouse click on the images and select "Save Picture As..." to save the image.
  5. You probably will want to change the title to your church name. Change the "=== Church ===" text to your church name.
  6. Upload the html and images to your web site. All files should be in the same folder.

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Coloring Book Pages
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Word Scramble Puzzles
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Puzzle 3
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Maze 1
Maze 2
Maze 3
Maze 4
Maze 5
Crossword Puzzles
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Collossians 3-20
Psalms 34-13
Word Search Puzzles
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Puzzle 1
Puzzle 2
Puzzle 3



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