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The Good Samaritan

There was a man who was traveling to another city.

He came across some bad guys who robbed him of all his belongings and hurt him.

After a while a priest came by and saw him laying on the ground but instead of helping
him the priest passed by on the other side of the road.

Then (a Levite) another man came walking down the road, he just stopped and looked at
the injured man and continued walking just as the priest did.

Afterwards a Samaritan came by and saw that he was hurt. He could not just walk on
by as the priest and Levite had done before.

So he bandaged up the mans wounds and put him on his donkey.
They traveled to the nearest inn where the Samaritan took care of him that night.

The next day the Samaritan paid the inn keeper to feed and care for the hurt man until
he was better.

Jesus wants us to do as the Samaritan did and help others who need help.