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Noah's Ark

Long ago all of God's people were acting bad except for Noah and his family.
God told Noah to build an ark. This boat should be so big that two of every animal could fit in it.
Noah loved God so he built the ark, while all the other people made fun of him.
After the ark was finished God told Noah that a great flood would cover all the land.
God also sent two of all the animals to the ark.
When two animals of every kind were loaded on the ark, Noah and his family got on the ark.
The rain started to fall; it rained for forty days and forty nights.
When the rain stopped Noah sent out a dove. The dove came back with an olive branch.
This was a sign that there was dry land, so Noah and all the animals could leave the ark.
God then placed a rainbow in the sky to show that a flood would not ever destroy the world again.