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Daniel and the Lion's Den

There was a king named Darius. He had a friend named Daniel, which was one of the
many workers in the kingdom.

Daniel was a good and honest man who faithfully prayed to God three times a day.

One day the King decided to put Daniel in charge of all the other workers in the
kingdom. Some of the workers were jealous of Daniel, so they hatched a plan to get
Daniel in trouble.

They knew that Daniel prayed to God every day. So they tricked the King into passing
a law that forbid anyone from asking favors of anyone else except the King for 30 days.

So when Daniel started praying to God some soldiers saw him and arrested him.

The punishment for disobeying the new law was to be thrown into the lion's den.
The King did not want to throw Daniel into the lionís den, but he had to enforce all
the laws of the land.

So Daniel was thrown into the lionís den. Daniel kept praying to God, so God sent an
angel to shut the lionís mouth.

The next morning the King rushed to the lionís den to see if Daniel's God had protected
him. The King was relieved to see that Daniel was safe.

After the King realized that he had been tricked, he threw the workers that tricked
him into the lionís den.

The King then passed a new law saying that everyone should pray to Daniel's God,
because he had kept Daniel safe.